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Machine-Carpet cleaning Machine-Carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning can be used on all types of carpets without exception. After cleaning, the room can be

High Pressure outdoor washing High Pressure outdoor washing

Environmentally friendly solution, removal of stubborn dirt outdoors sidewalks, terraces, facades, or roofs as far aspossible, up to 80

Construction-Cleaning After Renovation Construction-Cleaning After Renovation

After construction, a lot of stubborn paint stains, polystyrene, ESP dirt remain. Use of machinery for industrial use Outdoor

Cold Steam Disinfection Cold Steam Disinfection

The BACTAKLEEN the World”s first herb-based anti-bacterial treatment system, TÜV Certification, proven to kill bacteria , spores and fungi

Cleaning interior covering Cleaning interior covering

An environmentally friendly solution for removing stubborn indoor dirt from tiles, ceramic tiles, stone and marble tiles! If possible,

Clean Up Clean Up

Be it private houses or business premises, beacuse worth cleaning up. Wipe all shelves, cabinets tops, tables, clean up

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