Construction-Cleaning After Renovation

After construction, a lot of stubborn paint stains, polystyrene, ESP dirt remain.

Use of machinery for industrial use

Outdoor and indoor contaminants are removed at a pressure of 300 bar.
We work to extract water indoors, so the used water can be discharged directlyinto the sewer.
Various auxiliary heads help to remove the most stubborn dirt.
With our Hotbox equipment we can work with water up to 80 degrees, which can
also remove greasy, sooty, oily, petrol sains.

After the survey, we select the appropriate machine and other equipment to perform
the cleaning. If necessary, wash the surfaces from a ladder, scaffold or alpine technique.
We always strive to provide a green environmentally friendly solution. The customer
must provide tap water and elecricity. It is possible to use petrol machines, then we wil
only need tap water.