Cold Steam Disinfection

The BACTAKLEEN the World”s first herb-based anti-bacterial treatment system,
TÜV Certification, proven to kill bacteria , spores and fungi 99,9%.  In addition, this revolutionary new treatment forms an active antibacterial layer on the surfaces affected by fog for 2-3 months. Certification

 The device sprays the concentrated antibacterial solution into an ultafine mist
that contains hundreds of millions of microscopic „ nano- sized” cleaning particles that can travel anywere in a given space.

Its use is safe, fast, does not cause an unpleasant odor.

Bactakleen is also effective against coronavirus!

The effect of Bactakleen Ultramis on human coronavirus has been tested according
to EN 14476: 2013 – with success!

minutes and almost 99,9% effective after 20 minutes!

The document was issued by
the Swiss- based SGS certification institute and laboratory.
This is currently unique on the Hungarian market!

Bacteria and Bactakleen

Bacteria are constantly present in our lives. In the air and on various surfaces that
are repeatedly touched by hand on a daily basis, such as door handles, railing,
handrails, faucets, table tops, computer mice and keyboards, swithes, etc. They are
invisible and can cause more trouble than we attribute to them. 

Everyday items such as shopping carts, playground equipment, or tables and chairs,
handrails of vehicles are full of bacteria that can be dangerous.

Bacteria in the air, mold and mildew, from colonies within the dark recesses of the
air conditioning system. 
As a result f these microscopic biological contaminants, homeowners,car occupants,
students, ofiice workers and their customers are constantly exposed to the harmful ef-
fects of unhealthy airflow when occasionally closed ventilation or air conditioning
equipment is used.

Area of application

During the cold period, although the patient recovers in a few days, the car and the
rooms will be full of pathogens. Why would you infect others?

By using Bactakleen Ultramist, cross- contamination in kindergartens, schools, offices
can be avoided, but it does a good job of protecting the health of travelers on personal
or public transport.

In buildings as well as on external surfaces.

  • In individual and one- rooms offices
  • for ventilation systems, individual and central air conditioning systems
  • in cinemas, hotel rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms
  • for antibacterial treatment of exterior and interior surfacers.

Disinfection of the internal ducts and contact surfaces of air conditioners in order to create
and protect a healthy environment in order to the employees, customers, partners, guests, not be exposed to the risk of indoor infection around.

In transport

  • Cars, taxis, rental cars, rented vehicles
  • buses, trams, metros, railway carriages
  • disinfecting and providig permanent protection for the interiof of caravans, boats, aircraft,

ventilation and air- conditioning systems, enclosed spaces contact surfaces in order to protect the health
of the traveling public and those woring in vehicles.

In health care

  • Dental and medical offices
  • Medical treatment rooms
  • Ambulances , patient transport
  • Waiting and changing rooms

Disinfect and permanently protect ventilation and air- conditioning systems and
surfaces to protect the health of patients, attendants, visitors and doctors and nurses.


The procedure is not dangerous, the substance is not hamful to humans, animals or plants. There is no need to remove flowers or small pets from the room. The presence of people is not recommended during treatment simply beacuse relocations during significantly reduced isibility can lead to minor accidents – especially in children ( they love to run in the fog.)

Lasting effect

Bactakleen Ultra Mist has also been tested for durability by Chemla. Chemlab has
shown that after treatment with Ultra Mist, bacteria and fungi only start to grow
again after 2 months.

Bactakleen VS Ozone